SSI – Social Security Advocacy

Family Visions, Inc. is contracted with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to provide advocacy and assistance to individuals navigating the Social Security benefits process.

Our Advocate’s service area consists of towns and cities along the I-94 corridor, from Sartell to Fridley to the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and across the Twin Cities. Nikki works with you or your loved ones to create a complete application, compose effective reports, and to help relieve the stress of navigating the system alone. She also provides transportation and attends clients’ Consultative Exams (CE) with them to help alleviate client anxiety and nervousness.

To qualify for SSI Advocacy services under the DHS contract, individuals must fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Individuals new to applying for SSI or SSDI, or those who have applied for SSI or SSDI in the past and were denied, and who are receiving at least ONE of the following:

-General Assistance (GA);

-Group Residential Housing (GRH);

-MN Family Investment Program (MFIP), including the Diversionary Work Program (DWP), Family Stabilization Services (FSS), & the Work Benefit Program (WB);

-Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA);


-Title IV-E Foster Care.


  1. Current SSI recipients facing benefits termination due to a Continuing Disability Review.


  1. Current non-disability RSDI recipients wishing to add SSI benefits.

There is NO CHARGE to the consumer for SSI Advocacy services for those who qualify under the DHS contract.

Those whose situation does not fall into the requirements listed above can call for a free consultation. Nikki can arrange for very reasonable fees and create a contract and payment plan with which you are satisfied.

(Access to Language Line and in person interpreters available.)

Call or email Nikki Knisley for a free confidential consultation today:
Phone: 612-594-4522