N-648 Waiver

USCIS N-648: Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions: The regulations that govern becoming a U.S. Citizen require applicants to learn to read, write, and speak the English language, and to answer random questions regarding American Civics.

Due to a variety of circumstances, which can include age at time of application, past education, past injuries, and past or present medical conditions, some individuals are unable to learn and demonstrate one or more of these requirements.

An N-648 Medical Certification is an assessment conducted by Dr. Crossett involving an interview regarding the client’s basic personal and family history and standardized testing methods and evaluations, whose results indicate whether an individual is capable or not of meeting one or more of the English or Civics standards.

If you are applying for citizenship and have concerns about these requirements, call or email Dr. Sandra Crossett or Nikki Knisley for a free confidential consultation, including timelines, appointments, and fees.


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